Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes, we are always taking new patients. However our schedules are very limited at the moment.

Most of our providers do not have any afternoon appointments available.



Will I need to pull my child out of school for therapy?
It depends on which provider your child is seeing. Some provider's schedules are fuller than others.


Do you prescribe medication?
Yes. However, our aprn is not accepting new patients at this time.


Do you take child custody cases?
No, we are currently maxed out for child custody cases.


What if I have an appointment after 4:00pm?
Our front desk closes at 4:00pm. If you have a scheduled appointment after front desk hours, your provider will be in.


How do I get my records sent to Social Security?
You do not need to obtain records. Social Security will contact us with a request for records along with a release form.

Why don't you accept Medicare patients?
We do not have any providers who are credentialed with Medicare. Though you may have dual coverage, Medicare is always primary.


Are you accepting interns or practicum students?
No, not at this time.


Do you conduct mental health assessments for the Department of Human Services?
No. DHS has their own psychologist that complete these assessments.


Are you a government agency?

No. We are a private practice.