Read this entire page carefully if you are seeking assessment services.

Types of Assessments:

  • Mental Health*

  • Substance Abuse


Assessments are typically court ordered, recommended by a physician, or required for surgical operations.

We ask that you have the following information ready and on-hand when calling to schedule: Probation officer name, charges you were tried for, attorney's name, court dates, due dates, surgery date, physician names and medical insurance information.

General Process For Assessments:

  1. Call to start referral process

  2. Must get approved by our providers

  3. Make your $25 deposit, make an appointment, receive first set of assessment materials

  4. Medical Insurance Approval (Necessary for certain insurances)

  5. Attend appointment and receive deposit back

  6. Complete final assessment materials and testing

  7. Completed assessment will be sent to your probation officer or doctor

  8. If required, you will have 5 follow-up appointments

Why the deposit?

To schedule an assessment, all patients must make a $25 deposit. On the day of your appointment you will get your $25 back. The deposit is to ensure your attendance since assessments do take a few hours to conduct.

Day of Your Appointment:

  • If you need a substance abuse or OVUII assessment, be prepared to take a urinary analysis (UA) test. All of our UA testing is processed by Aloha Toxicology.

  • Bring all testing materials and forms completed to the appointment.

  • Do remind us to give back your deposit if we forget.


Certain insurance companies do not cover the cost of assessments.


Length of the overall process varies on your insurance company and your ability to keep appointments. General turn around time is 3-4 weeks. Assessments cannot be "Rushed". You are responsible for giving yourself an ample amount of time to complete the assessment process.

*We do not perform mental health evaluations for the Department of Human Services. You must call them to schedule an appointment with their providers.

Please contact us if you have any questions.